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As the current incarnation of the Resnicks' holding company, The Wonderful Company has a number of predecessors. The Resnicks first bought Teleflora and API Alarm Systems in 1979 at which time Lynda left her advertising job to become Teleflora's executive vice president of marketing and eventually president, securing flagship TV sponsorship roles which grew the company into the nation's largest floral wire service. They purchased The Franklin Mint in 1986, known for making model cars, souvenir plates, figurines, and Civil War-inspired chess sets. Stewart Resnick served as CEO and Chairman of the Franklin Mint Company until its sale to a private equity group in 2006. In 1989 the Resnicks formed Paramount Farms to begin growing and harvesting pistachios and almonds in California's Central Valley. In 1993, the Resnicks renamed the holding company Roll International (later Roll Global) and continued to expand their portfolio of complimentary businesses in food and beverages. As of June 1, 2015, Roll Global changed its name to The Wonderful Company.

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Wonderful Pistachios & Almonds has invested nearly $25 million to improve water management. In the orchards, we monitor and adjust usage hour-by-hour based on real-time data.

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